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Cambridge Improv Factory, the home of Improvised Comedy in Cambridge UK  © Copyright 2012  Vaughan Allanson web creations

The Cambridge Improv Factory are East Anglia's leading improv troupe.*

Through the medium of improvised comedy, their mission is simple: to have fun and put a smile on their audiences faces.

Based on audience suggestions, each of CIF’s shows are completely unique. Using their sizzling on-stage chemistry, quick fire wit and a good dollop of absurdity, marvel as CIF create a barrage of quirky characters, exciting relationships and strange new worlds.

CIF perform their regular fortnightly shows in Cambridge, as well as performances at music and arts festivals and for corporate clients.

CIF have a diverse range of shows in their improv utility belt including:

       “The Director's Cut”

        with a secret

Learn more about our show formats and read audience reviews on our Shows page.

CIF comprise a wealth of acting, improv and dancing talent and take inspiration and teachings from Keith Johnstone, Loose Moose Theatre, each other, their own mind boxes and whatever they find on the floor.

Find out about the CIF members on

our About Us page.

*This is completely unsubstantiated

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